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From Calls to Conversions

Let CallFlare help you determine what works & what doesn't!

Track Calls

Use Call Tracking to understand where calls are coming from, & which channels provide the best ROI.

2 Way Texting

Send and receive text messages from any of your phone numbers.

Website Integration

Full Website integration with Dynamic Numbers changing on website changing by web source.

Call Recording

CallFlare allows you to easily record calls. Coach your team, and improve customer service all while having a record of every call.

Instant Setup

Ready to go? Great! You can get started now by simply picking a plan and giving it a try! It's simple, quick and only takes minutes to start tracking calls!

No Contracts

Best of all, no contacts! Just sign up and go! Easily change or cancel your plan at any time!

Easy-to-use Call Tracking Tools

Easily setup new campaigns and track their progress.

Simple Setup w/ Website Integration
Different Phone Numbers for Different Marketing Channels
Track Return on Investment
Google Analytics Integration
Dynamic Number Insertion on Website from Source
Local & Toll Free Numbers

Why Call Tracking?

Call Tracking has an incredible ability to lower your cost per lead, while increasing your quantity and conversion of leads!


Increased Call Conversions


Savings in Cost per Lead Aquistion


Increase in Leads


Call Source Knowledge

Frequently Asked Questions

How does CallFlare work?
We instantly allocate a tracking phone number that forwards to a phone number of your choosing. Your customers dial the new tracking number, we forward the call, and you answer your main phone like you usually do. CallFlare gathers statistics, and you can check them online in real-time. CallFlare does not require any special training, equipment, or up-front investment.
What happens if I cancel my account?
Because we don’t require long-term contracts, you can cancel your account any time. If you cancel, your phone numbers will be disabled at the end of your billing cycle and calls will no longer be routed to your business. Once your phone numbers are released, they cannot be recovered.
How do I install CallFlare call tracking on my website?
We provide a simple JavaScript code that your website administrator can install. It dynamically replaces the phone numbers on your website when a visitor from an appropriate traffic source is detected (for instance, from Google Adwords). The code we provide can be installed just as easily as Google Analytics.

Fast, Easy, Simple Setup

It’s super easy to sign up & setup CallFlare. You can sign up now and get started today, setup a campaign choose the number you want to forward to and start tracking calls within minutes. Best of all, No Contracts!

How It Works

Call Tracking
Call Tracking is knowing where leads and customers are calling from. Imagine you have multiple places you advertise or display info, when people call in, CallFlare tells you what number they called in from, thus showing you the source of the call. Example: You setup 2 campaigns in CallFlare. 1 campaign for a billboard in your community, and a different campaign for a mailer you sent out. Each has a different phone number. You setup the campaigns to forward to a office or cell phone of your choosing. When the phone rings it connects the call as normal. Then you can log into CallFlare to see where the call came from, how many, when and from what numbers. Then you know which marketing works! Easy!
2 Way Business Texting
One cool feature of CallFlare is 2 Way SMS Texting! Users can quickly and easily send and receive texts via CallFlare right from your dashboard! Can you imagine having someone call in via one of your call campaigns and then sending follow up info or a quick thank you text right from CallFlare? Yep! We do that.
Website Integration with Dynamic Number Insertion
The CallFlare website integration allows for tracking of the vistors to your website and automatically change and display the numbers on your website based on the source. Example: You have a number listed on your website as your standard existing phone number. You then setup different campaigns to track different advertising done on different websites around the web. If they call from that page then you know the source of the call. Maybe you list ads on Facebook and different campaign Linkedin for example have 2 different campaigns and 2 differen phone numbers for each. But what if they click on your add to visit your website instead? One of the pitfalls with phone number tracking is that if web guest clicks your ad instead of calling from the source page (Facebook or Linkedin in this example) and then call you from your website, you can’t track the source from your own website. With CallFlare, you can! The wiz kids at CallFlare have created Dynamic Number Insertion. If someone clicks on your ad (on Facebook in this example) to visit your website. Then Callflare will automatically replace the phone numbers with the phone numbers the correspond with your campaigns in CallFlare. Magic! Oh. Yeah. The best part…its included in all call campaigns.
No New Hardware Needed
That’s Right. No new hardware or phones needed. CallFlare simply forwards tracked calls to your existing phone number. When you setup a new campaign in CallFlare, you choose a local or toll-free campaign phone number (for tracking to be placed on your marketing /advertising), then insert the number where the phone number forwards to (usually your existing business number).

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