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2 way Texting

Easily and quickly communicate with CallFlare texting

Our innovative business-class texting / SMS dashboard lets your whole team text with your customers though a single, simple interface. Customers will love your responsiveness — and you'll love the results.

Can you imagine being able to followup with a quick text? or allowing people to quickly text you?

CallFlare allows you get easily start a conversation or have the texter start the conversation to keep in touch. Best of all CallFlare keeps all the conversations for you to access at any  time. Easily see all of your messages and the reciepents. 

Of course we will use tracking tools to keep tracking of which campaigns are managing which texts. 

Best of all our texting works with both your local or toll-free 800 numbers!

2 way Texting

How Does 2 way Texting Work?

Very easily access texting in CallFlare by accessing "Messages."

Once in the messages dashboard a user will see all text / sms conversations. You can see your messages and the messages /replies of the reciepts. 

You can also start a new message by quickly clicking "+Message" in the top right and then choosing the campaign, entering a phone number and message.

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