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Robust Contact Management

Keep Track of Who's calling with CallFlare Contact Manager

CallFlare saves all incoming calls as contacts, tagged to their respective tracking campaigns. Plus we allow you to add new contacts and also export if needed.

Its nice to know the numbers and campaigns, but its also nice to know the names of those who called to. This allows of easier conversion tracking and keeping tracking of customers, and opportunities. 

CallFlare allows you to also search by keyword and filter by phone type and tags. 

You can easily and quickily view:

  • First and Last Name
  • Phone Number 
  • Phone Type of Call
  • Tags
  • Creation Date
  • Custom Call Tags

Call Tagging

Best of all you can "Tag" each call tracking contact to their respective campaign (automatically with CallFlare). But you dont have to just use the tags that are assigned with a campaign. CallFlare allows users to create custom call tags and easily add them to existing contacts. 



Robust Contact Management

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Does the Contact Manager Cost Extra?
Nope. We offer this value added service to help you understand and sort your calls.
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