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Contact Tagging

Automatically tag all Contacts for easy searching.

CallFlare automatically tags each  contact with the campaign they came from. CallFlare also allow for users to create and add additional tags as needed for easy sorting.

CallFlare users have also found this helpful to get as a quick way to full report or when and who called per each campaign or number setup. 

Contact Tagging

How Does Contact Tagging Work?

First, setup a campaign setup in CallFlare.  For instance maybe the campaign is called "Facebook" and its a number that you use to advertise on Facebook with.

Now, everytime you get a call from the "Facebook" campaign that contact in CallFlare, the "Facebook" campaign will be tagged to the contact.

This allows CallFlare users to go and search all contacts by a specific "Tag" or Campaign.

Need more? Great. You can easily add more tags to any contact that you want!


Once you configured your report or CallFlare contact by the tags you want, you can export this list or report into excel as needed.

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