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Free Data Exporting

Easily export data to Excel

Need to upload your data elsewhere or do some handy data processing? No problem, easily export Call data and Contacts in standard Excel format by unique campaign, date, or both! 

The CallFlare export ability gives you a wide variety of data options. Not only can you export calls and call data, but also the contacts and your blocked numbers list. 

The Call export gives you needed data points need such as:

  • Call Time
  • Phone Number
  • Campaign Source
  • Call Duration
  • Call Origination Location
  • Whether call was recorded or not

The Contact Export share the following data points: 

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Phone Number
  • Email
  • Tags
  • Creation date (usually date of first call)
Free Data Exporting

How Does Free Data Exporting Work?

Exporting is very easy in CallFlare. Simply find the report you wish to look at it or manipulate in further detail and click the green export box in the top right corner.

It will automically export the data into .xls format.


Note: The data will also export based upon the current filtering of the call tracking or contact reports. 

As an example if you sort a date to view in a call tracking report; the export will also be filtered for that date.

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