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Existing Number Porting

Move your existing number

Porting your current phone number into CallFlare is smooth, and simple. We’ve ported thousands of U.S. and Canadian phone numbers used for call tracking, and we’re here to make sure your business isn’t disrupted when you decide to implement call tracking.

Your numbers will remain active throughout the entire switch of carriers, and CallFlare's Support Team will supply you with an estimated port completion date. Once a phone number has completed the porting process, it can be configured just like any other number you obtain within your CallRail account.

Porting your existing phone numbers gives you the benefits of call tracking, without the headache of changing your local numbers or allocating additional time to setting up new numbers.

Any number you port into CallFlare is unique to your account, and yours to keep. If you decide to leave, there’s no cost associated with porting your number out of CallFlare.

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