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Toll-Free Number Setup

Easily Setup National Toll-Free Numbers

Share your national image with consumers around the world with CallFlare Toll-Free numbers. We offer thousands of toll-free options for each new campaign you setup!

When you’re setting up a new marketing campaign, you can’t wait days for your tracking phone number to go live. With CallFlare, you can choose a unique phone number to track in your online dashboard and feel good knowing it’s ready for calls instant.


Toll-Free Number Setup

How Does Toll-Free Number Setup Work?

While setting a new CallFlare campaign,  easily search for a number for your call campaign. Don't like your options? Click search again and get a new set to choose from.

Select your number and your ready to go. Its automatically ready to use and track calls!

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to activate my phone number?
When you purchase a phone number to track through CallFlare, that phone number is ready immediately. Start using now and of course we will start tracking calls for you now.
How do you ensure that your numbers are “clean”?
Our carrier partners age their inventory of phone numbers to ensure that they’re not receiving a high volume of calls. Then, CallFlare moves the phone numbers into a private inventory and applies an even stricter standard. Phone numbers that receive unwanted calls are released and not made available to our users.
Does CallFlare offer Vanity Numbers?
We don’t offer vanity phone numbers directly, but we can point you to third-party vanity phone number providers with an extensive inventory of numbers. If you purchase a phone number through a third party, we’ll help you port it in.
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