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Get Data on Why Customers are Calling Before the Call Begin


Get Proactive with Your Calls

Whisper is a great way to immediately find out which marketing campaign prompted an incoming call. Knowing this information in advance will help your sales and customer service staff tailor their approach to the call before the call even begins.

What is a Whisper?

"Whisper" is a short message that plays before the call is connected. This powerful feature gives you real-time feedback by telling you which marketing campaign your call is coming from.

The message will say something like, “Call from CallFlare 'Google AdWords' campaign.” The details in the message will inform the person receiving the call of what the user is interested in talking about before the call even begins. This information puts you one step ahead to help close more business.

Only the person answering the phone hears this message; the caller does not hear the whisper message. They will continue to hear ringing until the short message is over and the call is answered.

Call Whisper Benefits

The whisper message heard before an incoming call is answered can be as helpful to your business as you make it.

  • You can use the information to decide what type of approach to take during the conversation.
  • You will be able to speak to the specific reason that the user is calling and not waste any of their valuable time.
  • You’ll have additional knowledge to help facilitate better sales conversations, leading to higher conversion rates.

The whisper messaging feature for businesses can take your sales and customer support conversations to a new level. The insights gained before the conversation starts provide another way for your business to stay ahead of the curve. If you have any questions or are looking for more information, contact our team.     

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Free! (or included)... We realize that this is crucial tool to your team to give them instant info that can help them determine how to handle the call. We want you to have it. So Yep, its included on every level of sign up!
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