Phone Number Tracking Features

Use Call Tracking and Recording to Increase Sales & Revenue

Local & Toll Free Call Tracking

Choose from thousands of local and toll free phone numbers. We have local phone numbers available in virtually every area code. Need toll-free? Great! Choose from thousands of Toll-Free number options unique to every call tracking campaign.

Local Number Setup

Be Local, Look Local with CallFlare local numbers. Easily choose a local number tracking with every unique campaign. CallFlare offers many local options for almost every area code!

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Toll-Free Number Setup

Share your national image with consumers around the world with CallFlare Toll-Free numbers. We offer many toll-free options for each new campaign you setup!

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Instant Number Setup

No wait needed! Easily setup CallFlare call tracking with Local or Toll Free numbers right away. Start a new campaign, pick a number and go! It's really that easy!

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Port Existing Numbers

Do you have existing local or toll-free phone numbers you need to move over? No problem, CallFlare can easily port your existing numbers so you can use it for real time tracking!

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Real-Time Call Data & Analytics

Use the CallFlare dashboard and reporting to get real-time instant call data and take action to maximize your ROI and marketing budgets.

Real Time Dashboard

We know you want your data now. Use the real-time dashboard to see calls, missed calls and for every call see the location, time, length, and of course the tracked call source.

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Caller ID (Included)

Track every call with Caller ID. Make tracking even easier with by knowing the name, number and location of every caller. Plus, we'll turn every caller into a "contact" so you can track multiples calls.

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Free Data Exporting

Need to upload your data elsewhere or do some handy data processing? No problem, easily export Call data and Contacts in standard Excel format by unique campaign, date, or both!

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Robust Reporting

Use our call & analytics dashboard to very easily look at trends, top call times and days, & top campaigns, . Also see calls in progress, missed calls and call averages to help make marketing and ROI decisions!

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Must Have Advanced Technology

Do call tracking right by using CallFlare advanced technology. Many great features implemented to help you make great marketing decisons & make your life simpler!

2 Way Texting

Our innovative business-class texting / SMS dashboard lets your whole team text with your customers though a single, simple interface. Customers will love your responsiveness — and you'll love the results.

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Call Recording

Call Recording can be a valuable tool to help coach your team, ensuring quality, enhanced training, but also being to being able to recall past conversations.

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Spam Call Blocking

Tired of annoying calls that interrupt your business and distract your team? Us Too! So we have created intelligent spam call blocking to save you time and headaches by blocking calls before they get to you!

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Specific Number Blocking

If you get repetitive calls or need to black list someone from calling. Perfect! CallFlare offers specific number blocking where you can literally just block a number with the click of a button.

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Mobile Friendly Dashboard

Perfect for teams that are on the go! You need info whenever and where ever? We have it! CallFlare is proudly mobile friendly and responsive!

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Contact Tagging

CallFlare instantly tags each contact with the campaign they came from. We also allow for users to create and add additional tags as needed for easy sorting!

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A must have of Call Tracking. Once the user picks up CallFlare will whisper the campaign name right before the call in connect. Offering context to your team in knowing who might be calling and how they found you!

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Contact Management

CallFlare saves all incoming calls as contacts, tagged to their respective tracking campaigns. Plus we allow you to add new contacts and also export if needed.

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Easily play custom voicemail messages per campaign and capture your customers voicemail messages right within CallFlare.

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Powerful Integrations

Save time and ensure solid conversion tracking with our robust integrations designed to give you the info you need no matter what the source.CallFlare can securely track call sources from every website using advance Dynamic Number Insertion and UTM Source Tracking!

Robust Website Integration

When creating a campaign you can choose or input a source URL; thus allowing CallFlare to recognize the source when entering your page and changing the numbers to match your campaign automatically. Those attributing calls still to your unique matching campaign.

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Google Analytics

Track conversion and campaign goals with our Google Analytics Integration. CallFlare integrates with your existing Google Analytics account by sharing data to a goal you’ve created in Google Analytics. Allow you to better track call conversion.

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Social Media Integration

Callflare has pre-built web integrations for major social media integrations including Facebook, Twitter, Google, Linkedin, Pintrest and many others. If you list there and users visit your site we'll switch the numbers right automatically.

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Dynamic Number Insertion

Imagine you have an Ad on a social media page, and it has a campaign number. But the user instead clicks the ad instead to visit your site. No Fear! CallFlare will instantly change the number on your site for that web guest so it will match the campaign that sent the user there.

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